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We use Integrative Manual Therapy techniques to help you get your life back.

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Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT)

We help you get your life back

Are you tired of being in pain? Are you exhausted and overwhelmed trying to figure out where to get the help you need? Do you just—plain and simple—want your life back?

Whatever the root cause of your pain, we can help—through Integrative Manual Therapy—a collection of thousands of techniques that have been shown to be highly effective and virtually painless. We are the premier practice of our kind in the DC metro area, combining IMT with a progressive philosophy of functional medicine.

We are Total Health Physical Therapy and we work with patients who are experiencing pain and weakness and are ready to feel normal again, without going through painful treatment. When you are in pain, you need help now. We are currently accepting new patients. Call 202.669.8098 to schedule your appointment.

Our treatment addresses the “Why” of each patient

LisaKlein_PhysicalTherapyTo us, no case is too complicated or difficult. We are completely committed to solving the root cause of your problem. We are the group that DC, Virginia and Maryland residents turn to when they have been told there’s nothing else that can be done. So whether you are dealing with a new injury or trauma, or you’ve run out of options for resolving your pain—rest assured that we work to find out the WHY of your condition. Then we fix it.

We treat more than your symptoms.

At Total Health Physical Therapy, we work through all the tissues in your body to reverse the underlying damage that has caused your symptoms. Whether your issues are orthopedic, medical, or neurological, once we’ve worked with you, your symptoms won’t recur—because the issues that caused them are gone. That’s when you’ll get your life back.

Let us help you get your life back.

You are unique, and so is your treatment. Understanding you and your condition is paramount and allows us to develop a tailored and personalized plan for treating your condition. Call Total Health Physical Therapy today at (202) 669-8098 or email us at to make an appointment.

Physical Therapy Blog
I feel like a new person!

I very reluctantly decided to go to Total Health.  After 2 years of trying every option that was presented to me by wonderful physicians (shots in the back, traditional physical therapy, water traction, pain killers) which had worked so perfectly on the right side of my body,  they all told me the only real option for my left side was minimally invasive surgery (hah!).

As I said, I was reluctant.  Why should this work when my most trusted doctors were telling me something else?  After 2 visits, I was VERY skeptical.  I found the treatment very “Zen," very strange, and could not imagine that it would be helpful, but it was not uncomfortable.

Before I began at Total Health, I decided to give it 3 months so although it didn’t seem to be helping, I persevered.   The person who had recommended Lisa and her group promised me that the effort and inconvenience would be worth it. Well…..I woke up the morning after the 5th treatment and said---whoa, I don’t think I need any pain meds today and guess what-- I haven’t taken any since!  I was really astonished. 

I am a true believer now.  Never mind that the techniques they employ are not what I was used to. They worked for me and apparently many others.   I am so grateful to Lisa & Joe for the sincerity, interest, care & compassion and for giving me back a pain free quality of life.

Merryl Shaffir

When I first met Lisa Klein I was in a state of chronic, debilitating and mind-numbing pain - I was barely able to work let alone have an acceptable quality of life.  First time in my life I've ever been in real pain. Having had an MRI, cortisone shots in my neck, and hours and hours of PT, I gave Lisa's brand of therapy a try - it worked!  I am pain free, back to normal and give 100% of the credit to Lisa and her scientifically grounded and artistically administered treatment. Don Neal, Member of the Lisa Klein Fan Club

"When I attended my first session at Total Health PT ( just over a year ago), I  was experiencing joint pain and could barely walk any distance.   I had recently been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and my Doctor referred me to Lisa because she said that LIsa could support my healing process…..After 3 sessions, nearly all my joint pain was gone and I could walk pain-free once more….a member of her team next worked on helping to clear the vertigo and 'brain fog' that had plagued me for a very long time…after two sessions, both the vertigo and the brain fog were gone, have not returned, and I continue to experience a clarity of thought which I hadn't enjoyed in years….. Lisa Klein and her team are caring healers who have helped our entire family on the road back to total health and are an integral part of our wellness regimen…..I couldn't recommend them highly enough!" Annie H., Chevy Chase, Maryland

"I have hope that I can have a healthy gut! After years of suffering from IBS issues, I was referred to Lisa, and now five months into treatment, I have seen a dramatic turnaround. Lisa patiently works in partnership with me, and I'm thrilled to be back on a path toward overall good health." Lauren, Washington, DC

I was diagnosed with dystonia 20 years ago and lost movement in my right arm. All types of treatments at NIH had no effect. For the last six years I have been coming to Total Health Physical Therapy and have made so much progress. I can now move my arm a good deal. The inward pronation, I previously had, has greatly diminished and I’m able to perform all sorts of tasks I couldn’t do before. Now I use both hands in the kitchen, put on jewelry, pull up socks, and use a knife and fork while eating. Life is a great deal easier. My arm was always across my body, either in front or behind my back. Now it’s mostly by my side. Because this is a neurological movement disorder, which I have been experiencing for years, progress is slow but improvement continues. I am very thankful for IMT and plan to do this therapy for the rest of my life. They have really been good to me and good for me. Julie R, Virginia

The first time I walked into Lisa Klein's treatment room, I was frustrated, frightened, and in significant pain. For decades, I sought help from neurologists, orthopedists, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists. No one took the time, nor had the training and expertise, to study my history and look at my body as a singular system to answer fundamental questions about the source of my pain and dysfunction. My world was growing smaller and smaller as I battled to remain functional while enduring daily debilitating headaches and intense neck, shoulder, and hip pain. Lisa was able to quickly determine that the source of my pain was rooted in injuries I sustained in a childhood accident when I suffered a compound tibia-fibula fracture and a severe concussion. She was confident that IMT techniques would bring me the relief I desperately sought. Many hours of treatment later, I am enjoying a life I never imagined I could have. In the words of Emily Dickinson, I am able to "dwell in Possibility." I owe that to Lisa, whose talent, compassion and commitment to healing restored my life.  Diane